Operational since Oct 2016, Brand Development is a London-based marketing consultancy offering a full range of strategic marketing services to small and startup businesses.

Our services cover:

Strategic marketing
Outsourced marketing
Online marketing
Content marketing
Marketing communications




    Marketing and the range of services it encompasses are both highly skilled and time-consuming.

    We understand our market and have priced our services competitively, but some services will naturally require more time than others. The most important factor in us determining our prices, and therefore the amount of time your project requires, is our ability to provide high-quality work.

    The ability to forecast your costs is pivotal in your ability to plan, and detailed planning is something all businesses undergo in their growth process. We know that unexpected costs are crippling, and that start-up and small businesses can only plan their growth and therefore marketing activities according to their finances.

    All of our services are priced according to our day, half day or hourly rates. This allows us to offer most of our services using a fixed rate model, providing you with peace of mind.  There are some instances where our rates do not reflect our day and hourly rates, and again, we will always agree to a fixed price for these services. For consultancy, outsourced and managed marketing services we agree a monthly rate or retainer.


    Similar to our approach to pricing, we understand that we are the marketing experts and that if you knew all of the fancy industry terminology, you’d be pretty capable of carrying out our services yourself!

    There is no point describing all of your needs in a language that’s not yours. We make sure you:

    • understand what we’re suggesting
    • understand if these are the most cost-effective solutions to you
    • understand the return on investment you’re likely to achieve
    • understand how we intend to offer these services to you
    • understand why and how these services should fit into your marketing strategy
    • and, most importantly, understand how this marketing strategy fits into your wider business activities and is right for you.


    We employ the very best in project management and marketing practice with a workflow model that allows us to both act as consultants and match the output of larger agencies. Whilst we have the capabilities and experience to provide all of the services we offer in-house, we can also merge our services with selected external professionals when client’s deadlines or workloads require us to do so.


    Because we offer our services to start-up and small businesses, there are some things which we feel are integral to how we operate, and these provide the foundations for our ethos as a company. They are simply quality, clarity and pricing.




    Brand Development is run by Aisha Sanusi, a marketing & branding professional with over 12 years of experience in a multitude of disciplines.

    Aisha has contributed to the branding and positioning of industry-leading start-ups, online and social media strategies for some of the UK’s youngest and most innovative tech and new media companies, as well as communication and content strategies for a host of niche organisations.

    All services offered can be carried out in-house, outsourced and project managed to facilitate larger capacity projects, or contracted out on a project by project basis.



Our size allows small and startup businesses access to affordable marketing services, without affecting our professionalism and restricting our ability to produce great work. Our size also allows us to be agile and offer services to you in a combination of ways. Whether in stages, spread out over longer periods of time or project managed by ourselves to deliver larger and more complicated projects, our own set up is designed specifically to meet the needs of startup and small business.



Business growth requires the prioritisation of resources and time. Internal manpower is the most valuable asset to any company and should always be used where it’s best suited. To support your growth, Brand Development offers the full spectrum of marketing and branding services.

If required, we can operate as a 360° consultancy providing additional business support services, whilst also outsourcing and managing workstreams to meet the capacity and deadlines of larger projects.



Brand Development is always willing to hear from experienced marketing professionals whether your specialism is planning or graphic design.

Were particularly interested if you think you can bring something ‘new’ or ‘niche’ to the table and we appreciate self-starters.

Take a look at our full-service list to see if your skill fits into what we do here.

Simply send over your CV, and if relevant, some portfolio examples!

We post project requirements and vacancies on our social media pages so don’t forget to follow us!


And this is what some of our clients have to say

We chose to use you (Brand Development) to build our new site over a number of other companies because we liked the aesthetics of your own site. As expected, our site is modern, clean, easy to navigate, and looks great!!!!!!

We are continually told just how good it looks. The process from start to finish was faster than expected. Thanks to all of the team once


Samantha & Tom

You have transformed our small and satisfied customer base to a large and satisfied customer base. You helped us to understand that our brand was confusing and not ‘obvious’ to our potential customers, and although ‘we’ liked the way we looked, after having you re-design our brand, we can now see that our idea of what looked good was not anything close to what would universally be a good looking, professional brand. Your input has single-handedly been responsible for our 300% new customer growth!

IT Support Agency

They (Brand Development) re-designed our logo, stationary and website. We went on to ask for help creating a year-long marketing plan which included CRM strategies. We had never explored this in full and their suggestions have proven to be highly effective. The professionalism, customer approach, return on investment and the actual service provided has been the best we have so far encountered from a marketing company.


Homecare Agency


It’s OK if you don’t know exactly what you want or need! Get in touch and we can explain our range of small business marketing consultancy services in detail. All you need to know is where you are with your business, and where you want to be. We will do the rest!

Get in touch!