Every small business has to face challenges. In the current age, digital marketing is one of those challenges. On the flip side, if you nail your strategy, digital marketing presents unprecedented opportunities for small businesses.

The fact of the matter is that small businesses simply cannot afford to ignore digital marketing. The majority of consumers are using digital channels to shop. If people are not buying online, they are doing their research online.

In response to consumer trends, numerous small businesses are appearing online only. Brick and mortar stores are being ignored. Without the overheads of owning a high-street location, small business owners are able to leverage profits through online sales.

Below are the three key challenges small businesses typically struggle with in digital marketing campaigns. In this article, we will explore these issues and present solutions to help you overcome hurdles.

  1. No knowledge or experience with digital marketing

 Digital marketing can sound overwhelming. There is so much to think about and if you are not computer minded, the entire prospect will feel daunting.

It helps to be able to see the bigger picture in a marketing campaign. You therefore need to know what digital platforms are available and how they fit into the sales funnel.

Furthermore, the majority of searches are performed on mobile phones. Consumers may not necessarily be making purchases using a smartphone, but they are probably using mobile devices to do their research.

Not only that, but digital platforms tend to need maintaining on a regular basis. You need to be planning blog content, engaging with customers on social networks and actively raising your online profile.

outsourced digital marketing

The solution for small business owners that do not have digital marketing skills is to outsource your marketing. Hiring an outsourced marketing agency is far more cost-effective than employing staff to take care of your digital marketing for you.

  1. Struggle to leverage online visibility

In order to build a successful business through online channels, you have to be visible. This means building a website and an online profile through various social media networks.

Being visible online however takes time. You therefore need a strategy and budget plan that enables you to attract customers, generate leads and nail conversions.

Publishing high-quality content is key. Although premium content is expensive, it is affordable. When you outsource marketing, you can buy professional content in small quantities and build your online profile gradually. Be patient.

Digital marketing tactics include:

  • positioning yourself as an expert in your field,
  • building trust with customers,
  • creating a brand and
  • delivering on your brand promise

Tell your story and attract an audience that resonates with you. Once you have a core group of customers, you will find that digital marketing platforms enable you to extend your reach far quicker than any other affordable medium.

  1. Keeping pace with trends and technologies

 Small business owners can find digital marketing expensive. This is understandable when new trends and technologies continuously change the marketing landscape. However, outsourced marketing can help you manage your budget and access a team of professional marketers.

Furthermore, there are plenty of free online platforms to take advantage of. They don’t cost anything other than your time. Social networks and industry magazines for example.

It is true that you have to put more time into raising awareness and engaging customers on free platforms. However, it is a cost-effective strategy and enables you to use your marketing spend in other areas. Publishing high-quality content for example.

When digital technology changes, the trends of consumers change as well. This may not only incur more expenses, but also more learning. If you are not technically minded, continuously learnign how to use new tools can be deflating.

Until you establish a steady stream of income through online channels, don’t feel as though you have to invest in the latest technologies every time. Some trends come and go quickly.

Determine which technologies will benefit your customers for the long-term. For example, if you can increase sales by using coupons and QR codes, install a scanner for customers to sweep with their mobile phones at checkout.

The best technologies are automated systems that make it easy for customers to shop. Cryptocurrency is likely to become more popular, but in the meantime you could offer store credit through online banking systems such as PayPal or WorldPay.

The fast-paced world of digital technology is a challenge for small businesses. You need to understand the landscape. Furthermore, the capacity to produce engaging content is a must. And outsourced marketing agency can help with this.

If you are not able to achieve any of these key factors in-house, the most cost-effective solution is to hire an outsourced marketing agency. Contact Brand Development for more advice.