Small businesses marketing plans need to include innovative ways of building a brand. In today’s world, we are bombarded with advertising from all angles. Is it fair to say that people have reached the breaking point and are fed up with marketing campaigns?

That’s not a statement small business owners want to think about. You know full well you have to conduct marketing in order to build your business. But the reality is, people don’t trust brand marketing through traditional channels.

The new rule for small business marketing is to not make your advertising look like advertising. The less your marketing appears like advertising, the more people take notice.

Small business marketing events

B2B businesses should be attending as many small business marketing events as possible. You increase your chances of winning new business by getting out and about and meeting people head on. People prefer to put a face to a business card or website.

Yet how many networking events have you attended where you have handed out dozens of business cards and accrued the same number in return. Do you ever hear from these people? Do you ever contact them?

Attending networking events is an obvious advertising ploy that doesn’t really win much business. However, if you were to host or sponsor a networking events, or an event of any kind, people take more notice.

First of all, everybody that attends the event hears about your brand. Anybody that even takes a passing interest sees your brand name and logo. You are advertising an event, not your brand. But you are also esoterically raising brand awareness.

Brand marketing

Consumer psychologists say, people need to see a brand name or logo between five to seven times before they recall it. Once people start recalling your brand, they are more likely to turn to you when they need your services or products.

Furthermore, by hosting an event, you are recognised as a leader. This automatically earns trust. And because small business owners cannot resist networking events in the hope of promoting their brand, you should be able to pull in a decent sized crowd.

If you need any help organising a small business marketing event, contact Brand Development. We have years of experience in event management and can guarantee your small business marketing event will run smoothly.