Online fraud is a major issue for brands and consumers alike. And with more small business marketing plans turning to mobile ads, cyber-criminals are pocketing more with fraudulent mobile scams.

In order to attract customers, brands targeting online channels have to earn the trust of consumers, protect your brand image and your marketing budget. It is therefore a wise choice to get clued up on the type of mobile advertising scams. This article reveals mobile ads that could leave your small business marketing plan in tatters.

Ad stacking

Some websites stack ads on top of one others. Advertisers are then charged for their ad every even though only the top ad has been clicked. If you are using a paid ad strategy such as AdWords, you could inadvertently be paying more in Adsense fees than you should be. Furthermore, your brand is subsequently associated with fraudulent activity and untrustworthy websites.

Click fraud

Attribution fraud has been a serious issue on the internet since the birth of online advertising. It involves robots triggering click-throughs so that the publisher makes more money at the expense of advertisers. As a result, we are seeing more security checks on the internet these days making sure users are human and not robots.

App fraud

Although apps undergo strict certification and approval procedures, blacklisted developers sometimes sneak an app past the protocols. Around 8% of mobile ad traffic on certified apps have been found to be fraudulent. Frauds usually involve running ads in the background that are invisible to users. Brands therefore have to be careful which apps they choose to advertise in.

Small business brands need to find legitimate ways of reaching your customers. But the amount of fraudulent publishers taking advantage of weak advertising controls is a serious issue for small businesses advertisers on a small budget. Not to mention, fraudulent activity can tarnish your brand image.

Google and Bing et al are attempting to put tighter ad controls in place. Meanwhile advertisers are recommended to deal with platforms and agencies that do take preventative measures to protect your investment, your customers and your reputation.

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